Professionalism builds trust

It’s always nice to have new followers, so I was intrigued when I received this notification from a “Facebook ad expert.” [Haynes on Communication] social media manager, facebook ads expert is now following your blog… Interested in what they had to offer, I started to scroll through their website only to find a number ofContinue reading “Professionalism builds trust”

Feeling contracted?

All I can say about contractions is… They make copy shorter. They’re more conversational. They should roll off your tongue. If your communication is less formal, consider using contractions to ease the flow of your copy. Unless you really want to emphasize a point — do not touch that — a contraction is the wayContinue reading “Feeling contracted?”

Read it again… later

When you write, you write. And when you read, you read… what you write! It reads exactly the way you intended it to. Am I right? Well, not always. When you spend enough time writing and editing your copy, it becomes very familiar. So familiar that your mind plays tricks on you and will automaticallyContinue reading “Read it again… later”