Professionalism builds trust

It’s always nice to have new followers, so I was intrigued when I received this notification from a “Facebook ad expert.”

[Haynes on Communication] social media manager, facebook ads expert is now following your blog

Interested in what they had to offer, I started to scroll through their website only to find a number of grammar and spelling errors. I soon became skeptical of the validity of this company.

Brands build trust by acting with honesty and integrity, as well as delivering authentic and relatable communication. Although the site appeared to be professionally designed, the number of errors in the copy made me question its authenticity. Was this a legitimate business or was I being scammed into engaging with a disreputable site?

The more I scrolled, the more errors I found.

Every experience someone has with your brand contributes to the perception they’re forming about your brand and their decision to do business with you. We all make mistakes. I’ll be the first to admit to that! Take the time to proofread your communication or reach out for help from a professional writer or editor, if writing isn’t your strength.

If English (or the language you’re communicating in) is not your first language, it’s a good idea to hire a professional proofreader to review your copy. Remember, not everything translates word-for-word. Quite often copy needs to be adapted rather than translated to convey the same meaning.

As it turned out, this Facebook expert wasn’t following my blog. I’m guessing that this wasn’t a business I wanted to engage with. I may never know!

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