A mentor or two

Have you ever thought of the people who have helped you navigate life stages or helped you reach success? Formally or informally, these are your mentors. When I look up “mentor” in the dictionary, I see words like wise and loyal. Toastmasters describes a mentor as someone with experience and expertise who is willing toContinue reading “A mentor or two”

Lessons learned

You’ve just delivered a big project. It took weeks to pull it together with the help of your team and others involved. Feedback from recipients has been positive and you’re proud of your accomplishment. Congratulations! When you’re in a leadership role, you have a responsibility for the outcome of the project. Good leaders are thereContinue reading “Lessons learned”

My takeaways as contest chair

In January, I chaired a Toastmasters International Area Speech Contest. It was both nerve wracking and exciting. Since I recently posted about the value of lessons learned meetings after my own club contest, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on this latest experience. I was asked. I was reluctant but said yes. I wasContinue reading “My takeaways as contest chair”

Thinking about leadership styles

I did a little reading not too long ago about different leadership styles. I found it interesting to learn about my personal style and some of the pros and cons of different styles. Leaders vary and so do leadership styles. Leaders range from those who like to collaborate to those who like to dictate. DoContinue reading “Thinking about leadership styles”

Talk about the things you know

Someone once asked me, “When you deliver a speech, how do you remember it?” Hmm that’s a good question. I’m a member of Toastmasters. I joined in 2018 because I wanted to learn how to speak confidently, deliver speeches and frankly, I was curious to know what it was all about. Since then, I’ve madeContinue reading “Talk about the things you know”

Put on your brave hat. Try public speaking with Toastmasters help.

A skinny-legged girl wearing a peach lace dress and her favourite clunky wooden-heeled shoes stepped onto the stage of the Mountainview Public School gymnasium. A quiet grade seven student who was too shy to say no when the opportunity presented itself to be the school talent show master of ceremonies. Public speaking was always somethingContinue reading “Put on your brave hat. Try public speaking with Toastmasters help.”