Feeling contracted?

All I can say about contractions is…

  • They make copy shorter.
  • They’re more conversational.
  • They should roll off your tongue.

If your communication is less formal, consider using contractions to ease the flow of your copy. Unless you really want to emphasize a point — do not touch that — a contraction is the way to go.

A contraction is two words pulled together to make one. Most common are don’t, can’t, you’re, it’s. But be careful, some can easily be confused with words that sound the same but have a different purpose. For example, did you mean it’s or its? You’re or your? Reading the sentence or phrase out loud without using the contraction is a good way to check that you have it right.

  1. The duck ate it’s corn.
  2. The duck ate its corn.
  3. The duck ate it is corn

If you picked number 2, you’re right.

Contractions don’t always work. I like to think they should roll off your tongue. Would you say, there’re to replace there are? Or how about how’re to replace how are? Hopefully not. So, avoid forced contractions.

However you choose to write, try to be as consistent throughout and keep your copy flowing!

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Quietly practicing something that brings me enjoyment.

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