A logo made me do it!

A brand is more than just a logo. It’s a perception in the minds of consumers. Everything you say and do contributes to that perception, good or bad. But what about your logo? Your logo is part of a bigger picture called “visual identity.” Visual identity helps consumers easily spot your brand. That’s because itContinue reading “A logo made me do it!”

A plan with community involvement

Positive customer experiences and consistent messaging will help build your brand. You can also build recognition on a more emotional level by getting involved in your community. Community involvement helps build strong relationships with your customers and the local community. It gives you a platform to promote your products and services and it’s a greatContinue reading “A plan with community involvement”

What’s your experience?

Why do we choose one brand over another? It could be that you heard good things about the brand by word of mouth — one of the best ways to spread information, good or bad. Or, maybe you read something. Either way, opinions matter. If someone you trust has been using a service that they’reContinue reading “What’s your experience?”

What are they saying… about you?

One of the best ways to explore new ideas or aspects of your brand or business is through qualitative research. Qualitative research is a research method that focuses on learning through open-ended and conversational communication. It focuses on “what” people think and “why.” This type of research can provide input and direction to help evolveContinue reading “What are they saying… about you?”

Leveraging the master

When you’re in business, the most important distinction between you and other businesses is how your customers know you or think they know you — good or bad. The same applies to your personal brand. When someone first meets you, you leave an impression. You know, first impressions… Your personal brand represents what people thinkContinue reading “Leveraging the master”