Leveraging the master

When you’re in business, the most important distinction between you and other businesses is how your customers know you or think they know you — good or bad. The same applies to your personal brand. When someone first meets you, you leave an impression. You know, first impressions… Your personal brand represents what people thinkContinue reading “Leveraging the master”

It’s time to check in

Building a strong brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and a consistent focus. Know what it is you’re offering and stay the course. Don’t lose sight of what your customers want. Test your brand from time to time to make sure it remains relevant. The strongest brands have been around for years because theyContinue reading “It’s time to check in”

Who do they think you are?

We’ve all bought one brand over another — your favourite soap, cereal, running shoe… you name it. But, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you chose that product over another? It might have been because you like the ingredients they use or don’t use, or the reputation the company has for quality. ItContinue reading “Who do they think you are?”