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It’s your small business

Creating a business plan for your small business may seem like a daunting task, but it’s an important one. A well thought out plan helps you clarify exactly what your business is all about and can become the roadmap to your success. The first step — define your business. What service are you providing orContinue reading “It’s your small business”

Get the job done… together

I’m going to remind you of a well-known secret that cuts down time, enhances an outcome and builds your personal knowledge and experience. It’s collaboration — a big word that means working together! It works. Here’s why I say this. You’ll gain from shared experiencesThere’s a lot to be gained from someone else’s knowledge. We’veContinue reading “Get the job done… together”

Leveraging the master

When you’re in business, the most important distinction between you and other businesses is how your customers know you or think they know you — good or bad. The same applies to your personal brand. When someone first meets you, you leave an impression. You know, first impressions… Your personal brand represents what people thinkContinue reading “Leveraging the master”

Finding the right words

I’ve been focused a lot lately on writing in plain language. Writing with clear and simple words makes your message easier to digest and understand. Think of how much easier instructions would be if they were written without technical jargon, big words and acronyms (words made up using the first letter of each word). SimpleContinue reading “Finding the right words”

This is how we do it

A lot of work goes into starting a business. There’s planning and projecting. Managing and marketing. You’ve identified your brand personality and decided how you want your customers to feel when they interact with you. Now that you’ve defined the business you’re in, how will you make sure you’re delivering a consistent experience? Whatever yourContinue reading “This is how we do it”

Hello, how are you?

With the snow melted and warmer weather on its way, I find my mind thinking about travel and reconnecting with family. Winter tends to find people staying in their homes. Icy roads and snow make travel difficult and the cold can make venturing out undesirable. But if I look back, there were lots of opportunitiesContinue reading “Hello, how are you?”

Feeling contracted?

All I can say about contractions is… They make copy shorter. They’re more conversational. They should roll off your tongue. If your communication is less formal, consider using contractions to ease the flow of your copy. Unless you really want to emphasize a point — do not touch that — a contraction is the wayContinue reading “Feeling contracted?”

A great branding story

Driving home from shopping today, I heard this great branding story on CBC Radio. I wanted to share with you. Best Buy was originally called The Sound of Music. It was the actions they took in 1981 after a tornado struck their Minnesota store that lead them to a name change. What a great exampleContinue reading “A great branding story”


Filler words are those nasty little words that replace your pauses; pauses that give your mind some time to think about what you’re going to say next. Um, ah, so, like are a few examples. We all use them (some more than others). Even though they may help to buy you some time, they canContinue reading “Um…”


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