Gold star service — I got it!

I rarely write customer reviews. I don’t have a reason for not writing them, it’s just not something I do. But, today, I just might. I recently hired a builder to create a lattice wall for my garden. The experience exceeded my expectations, so much so that I can’t say enough good things about it.Continue reading “Gold star service — I got it!”

Let’s talk jargon

Language is flooded with words that reflect lifestyles, cultural groups dialects, professional practices or occupations, and those that we just plain make up. Jargon is great, if you’re talking with individuals familiar with the business, topic or area. If you’re communicating to a broader diverse audience, using jargon can lead to confusion. Merriam-Webster defines jargonContinue reading “Let’s talk jargon”

Is writing a dying art?

In the 80s, Apple introduced the Macintosh computer and from then on laptops and tablets flourished. It seems one advancement in technology sparks another and then another and then another… Today, we have so many writing options that my hands cramp when I try to handwrite even the shortest note! Artificial intelligence — a hotContinue reading “Is writing a dying art?”

For the love of words

Have you ever stopped to think about the words you use when you’re explaining a concept or providing direction? We tend to throw in [a lot of] extra words. That might make your communication more conversational, or maybe not. In reality, when we add extra words, we create more work for the reader. There’s moreContinue reading “For the love of words”

Keep in touch. Stay top of mind.

We make buying decisions based on the value we perceive from a product or service. Does the product or service improve your lifestyle or make a certain task easier or more enjoyable? Are you willing to pay more for convenience or drive farther to buy because you trust the brand? Would you pay more forContinue reading “Keep in touch. Stay top of mind.”

Putting ideas to paper

There are days when my head is full of ideas about things I want to do and places I want to go. Sometimes I find myself spinning! But, I always come back to what I love most, writing. For me, writing is not a linear process, unless maybe I’m making up a dreaded grocery listContinue reading “Putting ideas to paper”

Serve it up right

It’s been almost a year since I wrote my blog from the deck of a ferry. It was a hot sunny day and I was headed to Pelee Island to enjoy a day cycling. I’m doing it again — a little self-care that is. This time I’m writing from a bunkie at the top ofContinue reading “Serve it up right”

Nice to meet you

Meet Bob Write, Vice-President, Marketing. We love to introduce people by their job titles or the work they do. “Meet Jim, our accountant” or “Meet George, the head of Security.” Introductions can carry a lot of weight. An introduction sparks the conversation and sets your connection on its way. This is good, especially if you’reContinue reading “Nice to meet you”

Finding the right words

I’ve been focused a lot lately on writing in plain language. Writing with clear and simple words makes your message easier to digest and understand. Think of how much easier instructions would be if they were written without technical jargon, big words and acronyms (words made up using the first letter of each word). SimpleContinue reading “Finding the right words”