There’s no time like now

Do you have a small business idea or a new hobby you’ve always wanted to start but you’re just not sure? You know exactly how you would do it, how your brand would stand out, or how you’d approach your customers or sell your wares. I once read, you can’t wait for the right momentContinue reading “There’s no time like now”

Lessons learned

You’ve just delivered a big project. It took weeks to pull it together with the help of your team and others involved. Feedback from recipients has been positive and you’re proud of your accomplishment. Congratulations! When you’re in a leadership role, you have a responsibility for the outcome of the project. Good leaders are thereContinue reading “Lessons learned”

Moments of reflection

Despite the challenges and disruption of Covid-19, I still got in a few outings on my bucket list. For one, exploring the marshes of Point Pelee National Park and then spending a day on the island itself. And, I’ll never forget my train travel to Halifax to hike around Point Pleasant Park. Each presented momentsContinue reading “Moments of reflection”