Gold star service — I got it!

I rarely write customer reviews. I don’t have a reason for not writing them, it’s just not something I do. But, today, I just might. I recently hired a builder to create a lattice wall for my garden. The experience exceeded my expectations, so much so that I can’t say enough good things about it.Continue reading “Gold star service — I got it!”

Why blog?

I haven’t always been a blogger. In fact, I’ve only really been blogging for a couple years now. I started my blogging as a project for my Toastmasters Club. The project asked me to research blog sites, plan what I would blog about, how frequently and then write eight posts. Writing eight blogs may seemContinue reading “Why blog?”

For the love of words

Have you ever stopped to think about the words you use when you’re explaining a concept or providing direction? We tend to throw in [a lot of] extra words. That might make your communication more conversational, or maybe not. In reality, when we add extra words, we create more work for the reader. There’s moreContinue reading “For the love of words”

Be creative, write a brief!

Once you’ve defined your brand, it’s time to talk about it. A marketing expert can help you uncover the opportunities to reach more customers and grow your business. After carefully planning out your brand, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to write a sound creative brief. What’s a creative brief, you ask?Continue reading “Be creative, write a brief!”

Build it and they’ll come

You want to build a brand that will be memorable and at the same time, reflect your values and personality. After all, this is the brand that’s going to stand out in the minds of consumers and help you achieve your business goals. Right? These brand-building foundational questions will hopefully get you thinking and startedContinue reading “Build it and they’ll come”

Your brand inside and out

You’ve put a lot of thought and planning into your brand. You’ve decided on the brand’s characteristics and the tone and feel you want to project. You’ve got a brand promise you feel good about and, in the process, you’ve nailed your key messages. Everything is coming together nicely. A well-thought-out visual identity, complete withContinue reading “Your brand inside and out”

How forgiving are you?

Creating a positive brand experience is key to building a successful brand. Bad brand experiences are not. I would normally focus my blogs on the positive, but since I’ve run into a streak of less than positive experiences, I’ve decided on a little healthy vent. Here I go! Incorrect phone numbersNot long ago, I wasContinue reading “How forgiving are you?”

Brand is not a one and done

A brand is a perception in the minds of consumers. You’ve heard me say that before. It’s what consumers think and feel about your brand, whether you like it or not. Every experience someone has with your brand is an opportunity for you to create positive perceptions. This could come from how they judge theContinue reading “Brand is not a one and done”

Keep in touch. Stay top of mind.

We make buying decisions based on the value we perceive from a product or service. Does the product or service improve your lifestyle or make a certain task easier or more enjoyable? Are you willing to pay more for convenience or drive farther to buy because you trust the brand? Would you pay more forContinue reading “Keep in touch. Stay top of mind.”

A little brand check in never hurt anyone

Now’s the time to ask yourself, “Is my brand saying what I want it to? Am I, or my team, delivering the experience I expect?” A brand isn’t something you launch and forget. It’s not a one and done kind of project. It takes a lot of nurturing along the way. I recommend reviewing yourContinue reading “A little brand check in never hurt anyone”