Why blog?

I haven’t always been a blogger. In fact, I’ve only really been blogging for a couple years now. I started my blogging as a project for my Toastmasters Club. The project asked me to research blog sites, plan what I would blog about, how frequently and then write eight posts.

Writing eight blogs may seem like a daunting task for a project, but I love writing, so this was the perfect project for me. After writing eight blogs, it just didn’t seem right to stop. I had to keep going!

People blog for different reasons.

Some people blog to share information. They have a special area of interest and they want to share their knowledge and experiences with others who might have a similar interest. For example, the property manager who has years of experience working with planning boards, landlord/tenant acts and dealing with people. They might blog to share what they’ve learned along the way.

You might like to write reviews. Avid readers, movie goers or hikers may decide to write a review after every book they read, movie they watch or trail they hike. People with the same passion will be natural followers for these bloggers as they search out their next escape.

Hiking trail reviews will capture the attention of avid hikers as they look to explore a new trail.

Interviewing sparks other blogs. If you’re a social butterfly or you’re the type of person who thrives on meeting new people, you might want to interview the people you meet. The lives of public figures and athletes can be particularly interesting. Blog features that dive into the uniqueness of different people can be a very interesting blog to follow.

Some bloggers like to teach. Imagine using your blog to teach others your unique skills. If I were an automotive mechanic my blogs might focus on step-by-step details to teach others how to do some of their own small repairs. For example, how to change the oil in my car, what to do when you have a flat tire or even how to buff a scratch out of my side panel.

I blog to share information. My career in communications and brand management has given me lots of experience and knowledge to draw on.

For anyone who’s not already blogging, here are three tips to get you started.

1. Blog about something you know about. You need content and where better to find it than to dig into your experiences, knowledge and expertise. If you’re having to research each post to gather information, it’s going to be hard to keep up the momentum.

2. Make it easy on yourself. Blogs don’t have to be a two-page essay. Find a length that you’re comfortable with and one that you know you can deliver each time you write. I write on average 400 to 450 words. Just long enough to deliver a message or two that I’m happy with.

3. Be regular. Followers who are interested in your post will look forward to reading your next one. Make sure they come back by posting regularly.

Writing for me is relaxing. It helps me organize my thoughts and express myself. Blogging is one of my outlets. To my fellow bloggers, I welcome your tips on how to make blogging a lasting experience!

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Quietly practicing something that brings me enjoyment.

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