Build it and they’ll come

You want to build a brand that will be memorable and at the same time, reflect your values and personality. After all, this is the brand that’s going to stand out in the minds of consumers and help you achieve your business goals. Right?

These brand-building foundational questions will hopefully get you thinking and started down the road to building a strong brand.

It’s your business

First, where are you today? Are you in the business you want to be in? Do you feel passionate about it? Now, ask yourself, why? If you love your work, you’re going to be focused and energized … and darn good at it!

Choose a job that you love and
you will never have to work a day in your life!

Like any business, you’re providing a product or a service and there will be an “audience” — the people interested in what you have to offer — your potential customers. Who are they? Be very specific. Think about their age, their income, where they live and even their interests and the lifestyle they enjoy. With this information you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to and how to reach them.

Now dig a little deeper. How will these individuals benefit from the products or services you provide and why would they come to you for them rather than someone else? All this great thinking is going to help define how you hold yourself out and promote your business down the road! (I’m excited just thinking about it!)

Who’s talking about you?

When you have a good experience or you find a product you really like, you tell someone! Remember the Faberge commercial from the 70s? “I told two friends, and they told two friends…”

What are your customers and employees saying about you? Is it what you want them to say? Are they telling two friends?

Brand is a perception in the minds of consumers. Jeff Bezos, former president and CEO of Amazon, once said, “Your brand is what other people say when you’re not in the room.” What’s the word on the street about your business?

Get a personality

Think about your brand personality for a minute. What characteristics or attributes will describe your brand? Is it professional? Trustworthy? Friendly?

Your actions and words should line up with the brand characteristics and personality you want to portray. Be consistent and deliver the experience and quality your customers come to expect. Don’t promise to be dependable and then show up late for an important appointment.

Take some time to define your brand. These questions are just the start. Remember, if you build it — and stick by it — customers will come!

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