Keep in touch. Stay top of mind.

We make buying decisions based on the value we perceive from a product or service. Does the product or service improve your lifestyle or make a certain task easier or more enjoyable? Are you willing to pay more for convenience or drive farther to buy because you trust the brand? Would you pay more for a brand even though a similar product was offered under a different name?

These questions, along with your experiences using the product or services, contribute to your buying decision. Based on what you know or what you’ve been told, you’ll decide whether or not you’ll buy the same products or use the same service provider next time.

Your experience will also play a role in whether or not you’ll talk about your purchase. Are you willing to refer your friend to a new hair stylist because you love the way you were welcomed into the shop or how much you love your new hairdo?

Consumer experience carries a lot of weight when you’re building a brand. Customers who are happy with the products you sell or the services you provide can drive repeat business. If they had a positive experience, chances are you’ll be the first name they think of when it’s time to buy again!

But what happens if your product or service isn’t something used every day? Once I add a carport to my house, do I ever need another?

Know your customer

As you grow your brand and gain customer trust and loyalty, you’re building a base for future business. Keeping track of your customers and keeping in touch is one way you’ll do this. And, with the right system in place, you can make sure you don’t forget opportunities for future growth.

In addition to customer contact information, you can track other important details.

  • What product or service did you provide? Is there an opportunity to extend the service at a later date? For example, if they upgraded the windows at the front of their home, is there a chance they’ll be ready to upgrade more in the future?
  • Did they discuss any other changes they’re hoping to make? Be sure to make note of any other important details from your conversation.
  • Are there special occasions you can tap into? For example, upcoming personal events like birthdays or special holidays. These are good points in time for you to touch base.

Here are some of the reasons why keeping detailed customer lists can help grow your business. There are benefits for both you and your customers.

  • Dropping a line now and then helps to keep your brand top of mind. Consider sending a greeting card during special holidays or events. It shows your customer you care and it’s an opportunity to connect without pushing a sale.
  • Mine your list and follow-up with customers who expressed an interest in future opportunities. Show you listened by reaching out to offer your help, “When we last chatted, you mentioned upgrading the remaining windows…”
  • Are you running a special promotion? A customer list allows you to target your offer to a specific audience. Let your customers know what you’re offering before anyone else.
  • Regular research on how your brand is performing is important as your brand evolves. With a well-curated list, you’ll be able to solicit feedback directly from customers who have experienced your brand.

You can also use your list to send a note of appreciation and at the same time, ask for referrals. “It was a pleasure creating your dream garden with you. If you know anyone who might also like to …”

There are a number of customer relationship management (CRM) systems available to help you track and manage your customer information. These provide automated marketing tools and data to help you see how your business is growing.

When you keep in touch with your customers it makes them feel like you know them and care about them. It helps build loyalty and keeps your name top of mind.

How much do you know about your customers?

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