Is writing a dying art?

In the 80s, Apple introduced the Macintosh computer and from then on laptops and tablets flourished.

It seems one advancement in technology sparks another and then another and then another… Today, we have so many writing options that my hands cramp when I try to handwrite even the shortest note!

Artificial intelligence — a hot topic

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic that’s creating a lot of concern even for industry leaders. You may get excited about the access to all that’s available at your fingertips because it’s so easy to find the information you want without having to do a lot of research. But, is it the right information or is it the information that satisfies your point of view or makes it easier for you to complete a task? (I’ll keep searching until I believe a 7-minute workout is just as good as a 30!)

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have a deep understanding when it comes to the technology world. I’m a slow follower at best. I remember my amazement the first time I watched social listening mapped on a computer screen. As the conversation about a product moved around the world through social spaces, tracking highlighted social sentiments — emotional expressions positive and negative. Social listening, along with behavioral tracking can provide brand owners with deep insights into what consumers are looking for and how they feel about their products. This helps evolve products and define key markets.

Then along came more sophisticated artificial intelligence (intelligent machines or computers engineered to understand human behaviour).

Hey Google, Siri, Alexa

Evolved chatbot computer programs make our lives a whole lot easier. Using voice recognition they scour the internet for the answers to all our questions and respond back mimicking human conversation.

And now we have ChatGPT.

ChatGPT takes those human-like conversations to the next level. Not only will it answer your questions, it’s ready to help you with tasks like writing emails, essays, speeches, creating recipes and much more. But is it always right? Not long ago, I read a real estate listing “powered by ChatGPT”. I can’t vouch for the details of the home that were listed, but I know my Great Lakes and this home was definitely not on the lake it said it was.

There will always be new ways that artificial intelligence gathers information about you and spits it back out as an advancement in how we live our lives. As someone who likes to write, I value organic genuine content. Writing is an art of expression. It helps me relax, relieve stress and organize my thoughts. It would be sad to see it become a hobby for the eccentric.

I’ll leave you with a few thoughts to ponder.

  • Writing things down is exercise for your brain. It’s said to improve memory and keep your mind sharp!
  • Creativity flows more naturally from the end of a pen.
  • Don’t believe everything your chatbot tells you. Check your references for reliable sources.
  • Be cautious of plagiarism. Is your chatbot interpreting or copying?

And most of all, keep writing! It’s an art.

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Quietly practicing something that brings me enjoyment.

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