Hello, how are you?

With the snow melted and warmer weather on its way, I find my mind thinking about travel and reconnecting with family. Winter tends to find people staying in their homes. Icy roads and snow make travel difficult and the cold can make venturing out undesirable.

But if I look back, there were lots of opportunities for me to keep in touch and lots of ways to communicate.

How many ways to ‘keep in touch’ can you think of?

Write a letter — The old fashion way. A hand written note can be a nice heart-warming surprise. It’s a great way to practice your handwriting, which is something we don’t do enough of these days.

Send a gift with a card — Just like the letter, it’s a nice surprise. A card note is a lot shorter to write, if writing isn’t your thing. A gift will be more expensive to send but sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

A quick text message — We live in a digital world! One of the easiest and quickest ways to touch base is with a short text message. It takes no time at all and lets the recipient know you’re thinking of them.

And speaking of digital… following and engaging in social spaces might give you the inside track on what’s been going on in a friend’s life and give you topics to spark a conversation next time you do speak.

Schedule a video call — Video calls have become the norm in the past couple years. I remember when I was uncomfortable on a videocamera. Today communicating by video is commonplace.

Pick up the phone! — When was the last time you called home? We live in a digital world, but a phone call now and then is a great way to catch up.

Drive, drive, drive — One of my favourite ways to communicate and keep in touch is to drive. I love driving and if it means seeing family at the other end, count me in!

So many ways to communicate. How do you keep in touch?

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