Who are your people?

Last Sunday, the Pastor spoke about the importance of community. Why it’s important to have people around you to lift you up and support you and to keep you accountable and focused on doing what’s right. It got me thinking that community is so important in almost any scenario. If you’re working on building a small business, you can’t do it alone. Think about the people around you who have lifted you up and guided you along the way. Who are your go-to people with experience? Who are the people you’ve taken under your wing and guided?

There’s a sense of unity when you work with other small business owners. Interacting with like-minded individuals helps you develop your own professionalism and build your business with confidence. There’s a lot to be learned from someone who’s already taken the steps you’re about to take.

Get started by networking

Search the web and you’ll find a number of online and in-person networking events. Networking is a gathering of individuals who interact together to share ideas and make social contacts. You’ll chat with individuals who are starting out just like you or perhaps they’ve had more experience. Who better to learn from?

Networking is a gathering of individuals who interact together to share ideas and make social contacts.

Networking events are also good places to make new connections. As you grow your business, you might find you have a need for a particular supplier, someone with a specialized skill, or any other type of resource.

Get to know your contacts and their business

You’ll be surprised how quickly you can make business contacts and how willing they are to share their knowledge.

I once reached out to a media buyer to talk about digital signage. We had a great conversation about the signage rental business and the opportunities to create some unique signage. I found that I was equally excited about his business as my own! Knowing what was available and finding a supplier who I could work with opened possibilities. Not only did I expand my knowledge on what’s available in the out-of-home digital media world, I also learned that my contact was in need of communication support! Win-win!

Be part of a community of supporters

Being connected with like-minded individuals can help you stay connected with the ever-changing consumer world. You’ll learn from the experiences of others and benefit by analyzing their paths to success. You may also find synergies with your services that will be mutually advantageous. I am a writer. I love communication, but within this field comes the need for website or graphic design. A designer I am not. That’s where building a relationship where you can work together comes in handy. Like a builder who contracts out for electrical or plumbing.

The connections you make help keep you energized and motivated. And the best part is, you won’t feel like you’re doing it all alone. As you build your business, connect with other small business owners. You’ll find great benefit in what they have to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Who are your people?

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