Are you living your best brand?

I believe being consistent is important with most things in life. Consistency is a key driver to achieving your goals. It clarifies your purpose and demonstrates confidence and strength. And, it reinforces what people can expect from you, so they might just want to hop on board!

The experience your customers have with your brand is no different. Remember, brand is a perception in the minds of consumers. To build a strong brand you need to be consistent in everything you do. Consider these areas of your branding. How are you delivering on your brand promise and where can you sharpen your pencil?

  • Your marketing tactics — website, flyers, brochures, newsletters. Their look and feel, colours, design and images should relate and reflect your brand. This will contribute to visible brand recognition.

    The same holds true for your signage and the way people find you. Are your signs clear and easy to read? If you have a billboard, can you read it from the street?
  • Your office space — When people walk in the door, is the reception they receive what they should expect from your brand? If you want your space to be warm and welcoming, consider offering a beverage or leaving current-dated magazines for visitors to read while they wait.
  • Your points of contact — Greetings, whether in person or by voicemail, should reflect your brand. Be sure to return your calls and messages as promised.
  • How do you operate? Do your business listings, your email address, invoicing, etc., support your brand?
  • Your team is key to delivering your brand experience. Are your employees well versed and delivering the brand experience you expect? If they’re not aware of your expectations or the importance you place on brand, make it a priority to bring them up to speed. It will be easier for them to buy into your vision, when they understand it. Give them a chance to ask questions. These types of conversations lead to great feedback that can help build your brand.

These are only some of the ways to be consistent with your brand on top of every experience a customer has with a product or service. Now extend this thinking to every experience a customer has with your brand in the community, in the news or in social spaces.

Are you living your best brand? Let’s connect and walk through it together!

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