Nice to meet you

Meet Bob Write, Vice-President, Marketing.

We love to introduce people by their job titles or the work they do. “Meet Jim, our accountant” or “Meet George, the head of Security.”

Introductions can carry a lot of weight. An introduction sparks the conversation and sets your connection on its way. This is good, especially if you’re networking and making those important business connections.

So often, people see us for the positions we hold and the work we do, but it’s our talents, strengths and personality that tell so much more.

What if I said, “I’d like you to meet Bob. He launched one of our leading product enhancements to help put our company on the map.” Now how do you feel?

You just learned so much more about Bob. You got that he’s in Marketing, and now you know he’s experienced with product launches. With this information, you can now carry the conversation in a few different directions.

When I’m introducing someone, I like to think about what’s most relevant to the situation and set them up for a successful conversation. If I’m introducing someone at a sporting event, their role at work really isn’t important, so my introduction may be more about their personal interest in the event we’re attending. “Meet Bob, he knows more about soccer than anyone I know!”

It’s not uncommon to get hung up on what’s most interesting to you or the easiest way to get through an introduction.

I consider myself fortunate to have worked in the same organization for many years. I’ve survived a number of acquisitions and department restructurings. As a result, I’m often introduced as ‘someone who has worked with the company for a long time and knows where all the bodies are buried.’ An introduction that focuses on my years of experience managing corporate brands is always welcomed.

Next time you’re introducing someone. Take a minute to consider the best introduction you can give them and position them for a great conversation!

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