There’s no time like now

Do you have a small business idea or a new hobby you’ve always wanted to start but you’re just not sure? You know exactly how you would do it, how your brand would stand out, or how you’d approach your customers or sell your wares.

I once read, you can’t wait for the right moment to make something happen because there is no right moment. Life will always throw something in your way, if you let it. You might be doubting yourself, or selling yourself or your idea short. You’ll never know if it’s going to work, if you don’t take that first step.

Five ways to tell you’re ready

1. You’ve thought about it more than once

That’s right. It’s that thing that keeps popping into your head. The one you’ve thought about more than once, like writing a book or learning a new language. You’ve daydreamed and doodled and, if you’re like me, it’s taken up a page or two in your idea book.

2. You’ve planned it out

You’re not only thinking about it, but it sneaks into your conversations with friends or family. You’ve brainstormed the idea and fantasized about how fun it would be or how you would make it happen. Your idea may even have made it to paper… or onto a computer as part of a marketing plan.

3. You get excited when you talk about it — there’s that smile again!

Someone across the room mentions a hobby you love or the career path you want to take and your ears perk up. You start maneuvering your way over to the conversation like it was your intended destination all along. Before you know it, you’re sharing your ideas and beaming from ear-to-ear with excitement. You’ve been rolling this same idea around in your head for a while now and you’re excited to talk about it.

4. You’re a natural

When you stop to think about it, we rarely pick up a hobby or start a business that we know nothing about. There’s a connection there. Your great idea usually evolves around your experiences and the core competencies and skills you possess. Maybe you’re great at customer service or innovating. Woodworking may be in your blood. I’ve always wanted to write. My writing evolved throughout my career and it grew into a passion. Writing also feeds my need for creativity, challenge and so much more. Whatever you choose to do, it will come naturally to you. It’s going to be something you enjoy spending time doing.

5. You have people who believe in you

These are your people. They believe you can do it and they’re there cheering you on. Embrace their support.

There is no right moment to do the things you love. There’s only now. So what are you waiting for? Go do what you love!

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Quietly practicing something that brings me enjoyment.

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