Finding the right words

I’ve been focused a lot lately on writing in plain language. Writing with clear and simple words makes your message easier to digest and understand. Think of how much easier instructions would be if they were written without technical jargon, big words and acronyms (words made up using the first letter of each word).

Simple isn’t about dumbing it down. In fact, it’s about recognizing your audience and writing in a way that meets their level of understanding. If you’re writing for a team of lawyers, legal terms will be something that comes easy for them. Those same terms may not be as easy for say, a group of teachers. That doesn’t mean your copy shouldn’t be conversational and easy to follow. It does mean it’s written for them.

Making it easier to understand

Find the words you understand

This week, I found myself looking up words from my own wheelhouse. For example, beta editor, someone who is not a professional editor. In simpler words, a beta editor, or beta reader, is the first person to read someone’s copy, but generally doesn’t get paid for it.

The alpha editor is someone who helps a writer by offering a reader’s perspective on their story. They help shape copy even before the beta editor performs their role.

Monochromatic. Yes, I looked it up. This means, consisting of one colour. Colours in this palette are tints of the single colour. It’s kinda colourless and lacks variety.

Simple benefits

On top of making your message easier to understand, writing in plain language helps reduce the number of questions your reader will ask and avoids miscommunication. Next time you’re writing, read back your copy and ask yourself, have you made it easy for your readers to understand?

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