Random break or brake?

Remember those topics in school that we saw no value in learning until we applied them to our adult life? And sometimes, not even then.

I was visiting last week with family. While the adults did adult things, the children watched YouTube videos in the background. This particular episode focused on grammar. Homonyms to be exact.

Grammar is important. It helps you build better sentences and effectively communicate. I think you’d agree that grammar is one of the most useful lessons you learned in your school years. So, here’s a little random break from my usual blogs.

I tuned into this children’s YouTube video and here’s what I learned.

Homonyms — Words that are spelled the same, sound the same but have different meanings. Tap and tap are examples. One is a gadget that water flows through, the other means a soft touch.

Ok. I know this. I learned it in school. You know it. You learned it in school. But, did you know this?

Homophones — Words that are spelled differently, sound the same but have different meanings. Bye and buy are examples. One is a shorter version of good bye and the other refers to purchasing something. Bye can also mean skipping a round or a step to advance in a sport. That means, it’s a homonym and a homophone. That’s right. Imagine that!

I’m pretty sure I didn’t learn this in school. Maybe you did? But did you learn this?

Homographs — Words that are spelled the same, pronounced differently and have different meanings. Content and content are examples. “I am content with the content of this blog.”

Homonyms, homophones, homographs. Thank goodness we don’t need to know the difference to practice good grammar!

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Quietly practicing something that brings me enjoyment.

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