Get the job done… together

I’m going to remind you of a well-known secret that cuts down time, enhances an outcome and builds your personal knowledge and experience. It’s collaboration — a big word that means working together! It works. Here’s why I say this.

You’ll gain from shared experiences
There’s a lot to be gained from someone else’s knowledge. We’ve all done different things in life and with experience comes different perspectives. Through fresh eyes, you can learn about new approaches, how to reach different audiences, new techniques and much more. Not only does this help to move a project along, it also helps build your own skills!

It builds a sense of inclusion
One of the things I enjoy most is being asked for my guidance or to share my experience. When this happens, I feel included and I’m always eager to help. It’s a rewarding feeling when someone sees value in your contributions and it makes you want to help even more. I’d say that’s a win win for everyone!

Ideas will flow
Have you ever held a brainstorming meeting on your own? Not very effective is it? Brainstorming is meant to draw out a lot of ideas and with more ideas on the table, there’s a good chance you’ll uncover some you never considered. In an effective brainstorming meeting, there’s no limit to the ideas — nothing is off the table because every idea has the potential to lead you to something new. When you narrow down the possibilities, you might just surprise yourself.

Brainstorming : a group problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous contribution of ideas from all members of the group ~ Merriam-Webster

You’ll save time
Two heads are better than one. Many hands make light work. You’ve heard these proverbs and maybe other similar ones. They refer to the benefits derived from working together as a team to get a job done. You leverage each other’s strengths while you divide and concur the work!

It helps relieve stress
Trying to meet a deadline that’s quickly closing in on you can be stressful. Collaborating with others to get the task done can help relieve some of this stress. Although you will still be accountable to deliver on time, the weight of the work won’t all rest on you. You’ll have others who will be equally committed to seeing the project succeed.

If you’re charting unknown waters, you’ll also have others to validate your thinking. Their experiences can help guide you and make sure you stay on the right track.

Some of my best days are spent strategizing with a good friend. We talk about business and bounce around ideas. We share each other’s dreams and provide encouragement. I know I always leave reinvigorated and ready to take on the world!

So, stop spinning and find your people. Working together works. Give it a go!

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