It’s time to check in

Building a strong brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and a consistent focus. Know what it is you’re offering and stay the course. Don’t lose sight of what your customers want. Test your brand from time to time to make sure it remains relevant. The strongest brands have been around for years because they were able to adapt and change over time. Yours can too! Remember this blog from July?

Survey your customers

Are you testing your brand from time to time? Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your customers!

First, who are your customers?
Are they the same customers you had three years ago, or maybe even a year ago? Times change — they definitely have over the past few years. People who may not have wanted what you were offering two or more years ago, may now. Include some demographic questions in your survey. Remember, different age groups like to receive information in different ways.

How have your customers’ behaviours changed?
With more people working from home, they may be looking for products that make it easier and more comfortable to work online. For example, physical activity or cooking may be higher on their priority list. Ask about how they want to pick up your product. If your service is consulting or providing advice, how will they meet with you?

Do you have a website? How easy is it for your customers to navigate and find the information they’re looking for? The harder you make it, the more likely your reader will move on to another more appealing site.

What about yourself? It’s always good to ask your customers if you’re providing the service they expect from you. What should you keep doing? What should you change? Their experiences are a good indicator of where you may need to tweak your brand and where you need to refresh. A survey is a good way to uncover how your brand needs to evolve to stay relevant.

Check in now and then and see how your brand is doing.

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