Thinking about leadership styles

I did a little reading not too long ago about different leadership styles. I found it interesting to learn about my personal style and some of the pros and cons of different styles.

Leaders vary and so do leadership styles.

Leaders range from those who like to collaborate to those who like to dictate. Do you know that leadership style? I believe they call it autocratic leadership. These leaders tell you what to do and want you to do it their way! There’s no room for your input or creativity. Although this style could be a little less than motivating, it is a style that’s effective if you have a tight deadline and no time to spare.

What about the leader who’s absent? This leader will give you a task to accomplish and then disappear! There’s a lot of trust on the team with this style. The downfall is that there’s no one there to answer your questions, to guide you along the way and, heaven forbid, you’re on the wrong path — there’s no one there to guide you back. This could impact your timeline to get something done, if you’re spending your time finding answers.

Another leadership style (which I can relate to because it’s my personal style) is coaching. This leader gives you the information you need to complete a task and is there to help you along the way. They look for opportunities to motivate and collaborate. They’re not afraid to share the decision making, after all, what better way for someone to learn? But just like any leadership style, it comes with challenges. If you’re leading a team and not everyone on the team is willing to change or collaborate, you’ll feel the pressure.

To tell you the truth, I’m more confident coaching in smaller groups or with individuals who are developing. Sharing my experiences is something I enjoy. I also have traits of the democratic leadership style — a style that likes to make decisions by consensus. Unlike the autocratic style, this aspect wouldn’t work well if you have a tight deadline to meet. You just won’t have time to bring everyone onboard.

Leaders vary. And there are many different leadership styles beyond these ones. Take some time to learn what leadership style you carry. I think you’ll find it interesting and a valuable learning experience.

My leadership style is coaching. What’s your leadership style?

Source: Persuasive Influence

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