Your business — It’s more than a passion

I have a passion for writing and finding the right communication solution to deliver a message. But it takes more than passion to achieve success when you’re a small business owner. Running your own small business can be challenging, exciting and rewarding.

For Dundee Services, plumbing is what taps into exciting challenges so that getting bored is never a problem, or so claims Business Owner Rob. “Even though you’re in control of your own destiny, the work can be physically demanding.” Rob adds, “I feel both exhausted and gratified at the end of a long day, but I want more of the same the following day.” Like any small business owner, the day doesn’t end there. For this small business owner, there’s scheduling and planning for the upcoming week, invoicing and networking to ensure the business continues to grow. If he had to start over, would he do it all again? That’s a yes! Rob says, “Yes… but I’d start this business years earlier!”

Julie at JH Creative Co is always thinking of new ways to not only bring her ideas to life but the ideas she receives from her customers. It’s her passion. Julie loves what she’s built with her small creative design and printing business — a company that’s grown exponentially over the past few years. She says, “Often I find myself smiling while designing on my computer and think to myself, ‘I must be doing the right thing!’” Gratification comes in more ways than one for this business owner. “When I see a customer tag me and show me what they’ve done with my creations, my heart just wants to explode,” says Julie. “I feel so proud and happy!”

Both of these companies enjoy the benefits of driving their own success. This can come with its rewards and challenges. For example, the flexibility to set your own hours takes discipline to avoid daily exhaustion. You need to find ways to disconnect from work and find work-life balance. However, both agree the self satisfaction you receive when you solve a problem and see the gratitude and appreciation it brings your customers makes the effort worthwhile.

Starting a small business is no small feat. It takes more than passion to be successful. It takes flexibility, sound planning and strong organizational skills to name a few. You’ll work hard and make some sacrifices while you establish your business. And, when you reach your goal, it can be a very rewarding experience.

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