A plan with community involvement

Positive customer experiences and consistent messaging will help build your brand. You can also build recognition on a more emotional level by getting involved in your community.

Community involvement helps build strong relationships with your customers and the local community. It gives you a platform to promote your products and services and it’s a great forum to display the characteristics of your brand.

Build brand awareness

Brand awareness — the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.

Oxford Dictionary

Brand awareness is important as consumers look for the products or services they trust. Before they can consider your brand, they need to know it exists and what it’s all about. When your brand is seen out in the community — sponsoring a little league ball team or hosting a booth at the community fair, for example — consumers will learn a little more about you and they’ll feel good to know you share something close to their hearts.

Bonus win? People like to support the businesses within their community and those that support it!

… this can lead to referrals

When you’re seen at a community event, people who interact with you may consider your business for themselves or for a friend looking for the services or products you provide. For example, if you run a bakery, and you have samples of your products or displays of the fancy cakes you make at the local festival, a passerby may mention your business to someone they know who’s looking for a baker. They may even pick up your card for future reference.

And, the more people you connect with, the better!

Show people you care

Think about your brand personality — that set of characteristics consumers associate with your brand. Community involvement helps you build trust and position your business as a company that values important causes outside of making money. You’ll align with individuals who share your interests and who value a company whose employees volunteer at an event.

For example, part of your marketing plan and budget could include an annual charity event sponsored by your business. This will give you opportunities to add your name to a number of promotional tactics. You’ll be part of any press releases and you’ll receive recognition throughout the event.

Maybe you’re not the main sponsor of an event, but you decide to run an activation. This is a fun way to get attendees to engage with your brand helping them become familiar with your name and your interest in the cause. Maybe you also give away merchandise, so your name will go home with them.

On a smaller scale, but showing even bigger heart, you may want to sponsor a local little league team and add your brand to their jersey. Maybe you provide the tournament snacks or print their scorebooks?

Whatever you decide to do, get involved. You’ll be recognized as a business that gives back to the community where it does business and that’s a home run for you!

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