Inject a little expression

I woke up this morning with random thoughts running through my mind. Enthusiasm was the theme of the morning. Why you might ask? I have no idea. But I can say, it’s a good feeling.

I have the good fortune of choosing how my day will go. For the most part anyway. But then again, doesn’t everyone have that choice? The actual events may not be under your control, but you can definitely control how you’re going to feel and react to them.

For example, I woke up to a grumbly stomach. That usually means I ate too much the night before and my stomach was begging for more food goodness. Ha! That was easily fixed with my morning coffee, but them weakened by the thought that I had next to zero food left in my fridge. A trip to the grocery store was definitely on my agenda for the day. Shopping is not my thing, but I looked at this as an adventure that would help fill my day — an accomplishment on my to-do list. Maybe I’ll pack my cart with quick easy-to-make meals that will hopefully also satisfy my determination to lose those infamous last five pounds! Now I’m encouraged and excited!

You can dig deep into this same emotional component in your communications. If you’re giddy, you might inject humour into your story. If you’re happy, then your story might flow smoothly.

I recently had the opportunity to mentor a colleague who was getting ready to deliver his first speech. He wanted to tell a personal story about lessons he’d learned from his father growing up. The discussion centred around how to deliver this speech so it didn’t sound like he was reading a script. He needed to dig to find a connection to the content — in the tone of his voice, his expressions, the pauses he made throughout. All emotional connections that come into play.

Practice can make this happen. Write down the three or four points you want to cover off in your story and then practice “telling” your story. Talk about them freely without notes, but from memory; from how you experienced it. Think about how you felt during each moment and transfer that feeling into your words. Soon you’ll be reciting a presentation created from experience and not words on a page.

Give it a try. Inject a little emotion into your next presentation, speech or communication.

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Quietly practicing something that brings me enjoyment.

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