Now you see it

You get better at a sport when you play it often. You get better at piano when you practice. You buy a new car and then you see your make and model everywhere!

Research shows that the same way you build your skills you can heighten your senses. And I say, when you’re a writer, journalist, teacher, communicator or just love language, you automatically heighten your awareness of the words around you. Am I right?

I was driving down the freeway when I found myself stuck behind a transport truck. In big bold letters on the back it read: “Now hiring Temperature Controlled Specialist.” Traffic was backed up, so I had some time to ponder this statement. Are they really looking for an individual who can adjust their body temperature to maintain a certain level? Is it comfort they’re promoting? Or are they maybe looking for a Temperature Control Specialist? That would make more sense to me.

I was scrolling through social media the other day and I came across a story where a personality claimed to be “social mediaing” (social media’ing?). Is this a new term to describe a common pastime? Social mediaing could be one of my favourite pastimes. How fun it is to coin a new word!

One of my favourite . . . So much so I turned my car around to take a picture. Not only is the hyphen in the middle of a syllable, there’s more than enough room to write it all out on one line and spell out ‘delivery’!

Words are all around us and it can be fun to spot the unusual. If you love words, what have you spotted lately?

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Quietly practicing something that brings me enjoyment.

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