There’s value in positioning

This blog is coming to you from the middle of Lake Erie! I’m taking a little self-care trip to cycle around Pelee Island. In the process, I’ll take in three of my favourite things: fresh air, endless horizons and exercise!

Speaking of exercise, it’s always good to add a little copy positioning when you write. A little upfront copy helps put your message in context. It helps the reader understand the importance of what you’re about to hear and sets the stage for what’s to come.

Positioning copy comes in different flavours. It can take the form of “background,” a little history to explain how we got where we are. It can explain a challenge or tell you why what you’re about to hear is a good solution. It can also alert your audience to pay attention; a quiz may follow or they may be expected to apply what they hear to their daily work. Whatever it is, it should help the reader navigate the trip they’re about to take.

Not long ago I attended a seminar to hear a presenter talk about a new tool. I wasn’t too far into the presentation when, surprise! I realized this was a new tool and a new process I would have to learn. My listening ears were only half on, since I didn’t expect the presentation to be relevant to me. In this case, setting up the presentation with an explanation of where he was taking us would have helped.

Whether it’s in print or a spoken presentation, think about how you’ll position your next message to get the most attention from your audience.

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