Give your brand some character?

Give your brand some thought. This article has questions!

A lot of thought goes into building a brand. Once you’ve determined your business objectives and who you want to reach, you might want to consider a few brand related elements. I haven’t done that yet, but I feel like I’m developing my brand as I go along. Although, this isn’t the best strategy because it doesn’t allow me to be consistent.

Remember, consumers don’t always just buy a product, but buy based on the general impression they associate with them. That’s why it’s important to build positive brand images and continue to develop them over time. What image will people have of your brand? The interactions someone has with your brand and the brand perceptions they’ve develop will create these images.  

Brand positioning is another consideration – an inspirational statement of how you want consumers to perceive your brand. This statement helps you establish a meaningful relationship with the consumer. It defines your competitive advantage – what makes you different from your competition – and provides the reason to purchase. For example, if you were marketing sleepwear, your positioning statement might be Where comfort and relaxation come together.

What’s the character of your brand? Is it playful? Serious? Stiff or friendly? I like to think mine is friendly and approachable with a little playful twist. Take time to think about the qualities your brand will possess. How will someone who encounters your brand for the first time describe it? Strong character creates strong brands.

The way you present your brand should carry through in everything you do from the voice of your brand to the design elements to the imagery you use. Speaking of voice, what tone will your brand use? It should align with the character of your brand and will reflect in your marketing.

When you put these things together, it helps to build brand equity. This value can translate into name awareness, perceived quality, brand associations and loyalty!

So, get started. Go through the thought process of determining your brand elements, have a clear focus of what your brand is, and what you want it to be. You got this!

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