Tell it in different ways

Remember, people like to receive information in different ways. Some are analytical and like a lot of detail. They dig into facts and are great at absorbing technical stuff. Some, like me, like to graze over the information and pick out only what interests them. That’s why sub heads are so important to me. I like to scroll through an article or a website reading only the bits that stand out.

Not long ago, I set my alarm for 2 a.m. to watch a video training session. I was looking forward to engaging with the presenter, asking my questions and seeing first-hand how things worked. After a warm welcome, the workshop started with a video – we were learning how to set up a website.  It worked well for me because I could ask my questions along the way in a chat and have the answer. I had enough information that I was ready to go off and try it on my own and either succeed or fail.

Others wanted more demo time. They had questions about specific elements of the site. Someone else wanted a link to the video so she could watch it again more slowly. For those who wanted additional information, links were provided to instructional pages. Some even asked for information on other topics! All this to say people learn in different ways.

When you’re deciding how you’re going to communicate, keep variety in mind. Do you use a video? Consider a question-and-answer document or a link to an email inbox to respond to inquiries. Incorporate an illustration or break the information down in a chart. And of course, write your communication with lots of clear space and subheads!

You got this! 😊

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