It’s a regular thing, no?

I’m sitting outside this morning feeling the warm rays of the sun on my shoulders, listening to the birds chirp and staring at a grapevine that’s growing on my arbour. I’m trying to figure out how I can train it to go over the arbour and not attach itself to my house.

In the same vein, or should I say vine, I’m trying to train myself to post regularly. Blogging is new to me. It’s something I’m doing for myself, but wouldn’t it be cool if someone actually wanted to follow me? Remembering to jot down my thoughts in my idea book is a start, but turning those ideas into a posting routine is another story all together. There’s a couple ways I think I can do it. After all, like writing any blog or newsletter, I want to make it easy for my readers to follow me. To do that, I need to pick a day or two a week – any regular cadence –and stick to it in the hopes that my readers will come back and check out my next post. 🙂 For now, I’m going to try and post on Mondays and yes, today is Saturday! But I’m still learning.

The grape vine. It’s still learning too. I’ve been told I can use a Zip Tie to hold the vine in place. I’ll give that a try!

A little late, but here’s an update on this post. First, I am not the best at regular posting. I justify that by reminding myself that these posts are for my enjoyment first. Second, I got the grape vine to grow where I wanted it to. It grew wonderful grapes for the first time. So wonderful in fact that the birds came and ate them all! Oh well, there’s always next year.

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Quietly practicing something that brings me enjoyment.

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